Importance Of Puppy Breeders

The biggest crisis affecting pet dogs today is poor breeding environments.

Puppies born and reared in squalid ‘ Puppy farms’ are usually what comes to mind,

but also as detrimental to a puppy’s physical and behavioural wellbeing  are barren rearing environments such as sheds or outhouses .

Puppies kept in such environments will often be poorly, timid and fearful.

How friendly and outgoing a puppy will be is determined by experiences it has before the age of 12 weeks.

This means that much of the critical socialisation time is spent with the breeder!

Get a puppy from a dam with a good temperament; one that is not fearful or aggressive.


Puppies will be a reflection of their mother.

Be able to interact with the mother.


Just seeing the mother from a distance is not adequate to judge the above


Obtain a puppy from a good breeding environment, preferably house-reared.


Socialisation starts from 2 weeks of age. Exposure to a range of positive experiences will better equip them for life in the human world. Therefore, a breeder’s role is vital for the development of a well-adjusted dog.

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